A low-cost, easy to use tool to aid you in managing, coordinating, and budgeting your project.

DESCRIPTION: Basic Estimate with separate line items for Demo Labor, Installation Labor and estimated cost of material.

Cost: $19.99 – This is the bare bones estimate, with labor costs for removal (demolition) separate from labor costs for installation of new and with another line item for estimate of average grade material.

DESCRIPTION: Estimate with separate line items for Demo Labor, Installation Labor, estimated cost of material, PLUS tasks in suggested sequence, and some tips of related considerations, mistakes to avoid.

Cost: $39.99 – This report includes everything from the Basic Estimate with labor tasks listed in a typical suggested sequence, and some tips of related considerations, mistakes to avoid, etc.

” This was a great service! The detailed report we purchased from DIYLaborCostEstimator.com was economical, accurate and super helpful! Saved my husband and I a ton of time and problems. Highly recommend! ” – Maribeth Lewis, Grand Rapids, MI

Homeowners and Prospective Homeowners

Answer the all-important question “How Much can we SAVE if we Do It Ourselves?

Real Estate Professionals

Answer your clients’ question when they say “I wonder how much it would cost to … ?”

Real Estate Investors and House Flippers

Build your Budget so you can build your project.

Get Advice from a Pro

Leverage someone else’s experience.

One Free “Do Over”

My service is to you, the non-professional. If you make a mistake, or just need to add something, let me know via email, and I’ll fix it for you.

Produce a Scope of Work Report / Bid Documents

This report will include all line items / tasks, but without monetary values. Give this report to prospective contractors for any work you will hire out.

Lending Institutions

Get an accurate Estimate For Repairs based on current and local pricing.

Government Agencies

Get an accurate Estimate For Repairs for Receiverships, other problematic properties.

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About your Estimator

Journeyman Jack is exactly that. Having served a four-year Carpentry Apprenticeship, he is in fact a Journeyman Carpenter for close to forty years. Jack is also a licensed General Contractor and has been a professional Specifications writer and estimator since 2001.