Pros and Cons of DIY Home Renovation

Advantages of DIY Home Renovation

There is great satisfaction in enjoying the results of a job you have done well in making your bedroom a comfortable, peaceful place. If your skill level suits your scope of planned work, DIY may be the way to go with this upgrade.

You can also find countless video resources online, and entire television networks that help you travel that learning curve a little faster. With DIY, you will work on your timeline. While this may be a downside if you are a procrastinator, it can also add an element of control where sourcing economical or specialized materials or elements is an issue. If you don’t mind some lack of precision in your paint job, this is something you can take on yourself. Similarly, laying carpet or finishing a ceiling may fit your skill set and comfort level. If you are replacing light fixtures, where they do not need a full rewiring job, you can probably take that task on yourself. However, there are definitely jobs where the typical homeowner should hire a professional.

Cons of DIY Home Renovation

Safety and remodeling up to code should be your biggest concerns. Many DIY tasks seem simple however if you have to learn how to use a new tool, don’t understand ladder safety, or aren’t remodeling up to the latest building codes, you could be putting yourself and your home at risk. The egress code for proper window sizes in bedrooms has changed over the years. Replacing windows in bedrooms, for example, may require a larger opening and not just a simple replacement.

If time is not on your side, and if you have the means, you might well consider hiring a professional. A bedroom remodel that drags on will create stress for you and your family, disrupting the functioning of your home. You need your bedroom to be ready to use in a reasonable amount of time. Also, even jobs that you thought were in your skill set can become tedious and time consuming when you realize the extent of the job for your property. For example, prepping drywall for a latex paint project can be much simpler than removing many layers of old wallpaper. This is a job you might regret taking on yourself.

As a general rule, any job that requires licensing or certification should be carefully assessed prior to trying to do it yourself. Electrical work, for example, may be better left up to a professional, especially if you are interested in adding outlets, switches or anything beyond a simple lighting upgrade. A professional also knows the current materials available and can guide you to choose according to trends and product availability. They can also source them for you more easily and often at wholesale prices.

What are the costs of DIY Home Renovation?

Costs are all across the board. Many factors come into play when embarking upon improving the curb appeal of your home. Costs will depend on the part of the country you live in, supply and demand of both materials and labor, and if you use a contractor or do the work yourself.

Is there anything like a low cost residential construction cost estimator for Do It Yourself?

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Contributions and excerpts from articles written by Anne Reagan

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